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Dessert / Sweet Treats Recipes

Whipped Coconut Cream

( A great dairy free alternative to traditional whipped cream )

by Jacqueline Isles

  • Ready in:  10m

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Coconut Flour Vanilla Cake

The following cake is perfect for almost any special diet. It's gluten-free, dairy-free, soy- and nut-free. It's also GAPS/SCD compliant and low oxalate. The texture is wonderful and the recipe is forgiving. You can add banana and make banana bread.

by Stacey

  • Ready in:  1h
  • Cooking time:  35m
  • Waiting time:  20m

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Raw Chocolate Power Balls

These little balls feature regularly in my children's lunch box, its a great way to hide fruit and vegetables in a sweet chocolate treat.

This recipe changes daily for me depending on what raw ingredients i have in the cupboard.. but you will get the idea of how to make these power balls....

by Jacqueline Isles

Sugar Free Coconut Ice

My fab favourite sweet just had a sugar free makeover by me !!!

by Jacqueline Isles

  • Ready in:  10m
  • Waiting time:  30m

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Sugar Free Dairy Free Hot Chocolate

High Antioxidant sugar free treat, great for an afternoon pick me up ! 

I normally make this with soy milk or coconut milk so its CF as well!!

by Jacqueline Isles

  • Ready in:  2m
  • Cooking time:  2m
  • Waiting time:  2m

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