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What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of healing which uses diluted substances as remedies. Information is collected by the homeopathy via a consultation in which many questions are asked. The homeopath takes into account all of the information provided by the patient and then via a sifting process of that information arrives at the right remedy for the patient.  These questions relate to their condition, their likes and dislikes, their emotions and of course, what they want to see happen in their life. It is a total process which takes into account everything about the person. The remedies are placed upon sugar pills which act as carriers for the dilutions.

Is it safe?

Dilutions are totally safe. They have never needed to be tested on animals, as is the case with traditional pharmaceutical prescriptions. If it is the wrong remedy, nothing happens. If it is the correct remedy the symptoms change. It is pretty simple. With acute cases such as a fever, the change is noticed very quickly. In the case of more chronic states it may require several visits.

What can homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy is safe to treat pretty well everything. Many people have first aid kits at home and treat their family and pets. It is extremely popular in Europe. The Royal Family have always used homeopathy and they are Patrons to the Homeopathic Hospital in London and several Homeopathic Colleges.

What are the dilutions made from?

The dilutions are made from any variety of substances. Plants and minerals, to name a few. The list is endless. New remedies are released all the time as new provings occur. For instance we now have color remedies. These colors have been found to be extremely powerful and healing.

It is a little like playing perfect match. It is a near perfect match. Homeopathy believes that the symptoms given by the body are the body’s way of requesting assistance. These symptoms match, nearly perfectly, a remedy. The name of the game, if you like, is to find that remedy.

Is it safe for children and pregnant women?

It is totally safe. It is the only harmless prescription. In fact so many women experience a better pregnancy, easier delivery and healthier child because they have been on their remedies. Babies respond quickly to homeopathy. Many mothers keep a kit at home and feel more empowered to deal with their children’s needs with homeopathy.

I don’t feel sick, but I feel stuck in my life. Can homeopathy help there?

Yes, absolutely.   As it works on recognizing the individual’s needs, these emotional and psycho-spiritual issues can also be addressed.

Does homeopathy have effects upon any other medications I am taking?

No, it does not. The presence of these in your system, whilst you are taking medications, are taken by the homeopathy to be “part of you”. Homeopathic remedies can be very supportive in this way.

The Dhanvantari College of Homeopathy runs a student clinic as part of its training for professional homeopaths. The students are supervised by a qualified homeopath. These training clinics are an affordable way of experiencing an introduction into homeopathy.

The cost of the clinic consults with the students is $25 for an adult and $15 for a child. These include your remedies.

Our website has all the information you need in relation to this and to the student clinic.

Alternatively telephone (02) 80058205

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