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Thinking Mom's Revolution - creating a team in Australia

We have seen our fellow parents from The Thinking Mom's Revolution coming together to bring changes in the worldof Autism, ADHD, Allergies, Asthma, and various childhood illnesses. They've done this through sharing information, theirpersonal stories, ideas, research, love, hope and inspiration. What binds them together is that they all have sick children; children that they are working to heal, and that have healed, despite the medical profession assuring us that this is not possible. We are told that our children's pain and suffering cannot be alleviated, that it is "perfectly normal", or all due to a psychological disorder, which is due to an undetermined cause. We are told to trust vaccines, antibiotics, psychotropic medications, genetically modified foods, and most of all trust what the medical professionals tell us. Others in the community tell us that we should "accept" our children's condition, that we should embrace who they are and how they are and stop trying to "change" them. That medications are our only choices for relieving symptoms of ADHD, asthma, and allergies.

Yet we know that they are wrong. We have seen changes in our children as we change their environment. We work to bring healing to them by changing the foods they eat, the chemicals they are surrounded with, the things we use and allow in our homes, the medications we often no longer use. We put together a "team" to help us heal our children's symptoms so they can enjoy a better quality of life, one that is free from pain and suffering, and full of hope, love and joy. We spend countless hours on research, spend more money than we can afford for testing, supplements, therapies and resources to help our children. But most importantly - we never, ever give up on reaching our children and helping them to heal and live fulfilling lives.

If you can identify with this, if you are one of the thousands of Warrior parents in Australia, we'd like you to join us. We want to reach out to others, to give them the hope that we have, to pay it forward like so many have done for us in the past. To help them to heal their children.

We are ready for a revolution in Australia!

Last modified on Wednesday, 04 June 2014 11:39

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