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Autism Diet

What if the food you were feeding your child was making them sick? What if you could change their physical ills and challenging behaviour by changing their diet? What if I could show you how to radically change your child's…
The Gluten-Free and Casein-Free Diet for Autism The Gluten-Free Casein-Free (GFCF) Diet is the typical place to begin when initiating nutritional intervention for autism. This diet entails the removal of all gluten and casein containing foods from the foods you…
Soon some collaborators will be putting together a study to examine the relevance of oxalates to autism. Already a small pilot study has shown that oxalates may be high among those with autism with certain symptomatology. This would not have…
A strict Candida elimination diet is no easy task to begin with, but it can be made even harder by something called Candida Die-Off. The point when the die-off symptoms kick in is the time when many people prematurely abandon…
Julie Matthews cooks chicken pancakes- a perfect recipe for a child with food sensory issues.
Go and grab a cuppa (or a wine) and sit back, relax for 50 min, and find out what you need to know to implement the GF/CF Diet (Gluten Free, Casein Free Diet).

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