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Nicholas – Teenage boy starts his own journey to recovery.

Nicholas sent me this story after chatting with me on Facebook. He is an inspiration to me and I know his story will inspire you. He was only found out he had Autism at 15 and soon after, with his own research, he started his journey to recover himself of Autism. He is now 17 and is well on this way. His motivation to cure himself is clear in the words he wrote. His story is concise and to the point.. In his own words this is Nicholas’s story.

I was born at 25 weeks 1 pound

Fully vaccinated and pesticides trigger my autism

Did horse riding therapy learn to walk and talk.

Jump ahead to 15 found and I found out I had autism

I had wondering sensory GI gut inflammatory bowel brain disconnect Diarrhea, constipation spacey-ness aggressive behaviour, not sleeping, sleep issues, emotional and social issues!

Then got Gardasil vaccine = no balance, dizzy-ness, sensory hell will brain hurting, (I will never get a vaccine again)

Then I turned 16 and I started biomedical supplements and organic diet. I took myself to DAN doctor with my mom paying for it, but I did and continuing to do all the research.

All of that stuff is now gone and now switching to a naturopathy and doing all it myself recovering and curing myself from autism going to do MMS and H-BOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy).

Carmen owns a chamber and does RDI Therapy. I will be moving to LA on July 2 to live with my Dad and Carmen who is recovering her 2 teenage sons.

I am now still fully recovering and curing autism.

Next year at Autism One I am doing a presentation about my journey in recovering and curing autism in a power point. One day I will lose the label of autism.

Be undiagnosed from autism and come off the spectrum!

Last modified on Wednesday, 27 June 2012 17:22

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