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Early Intervention

Early intervention applies to children of school age or younger who are discovered to have or be at risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder or other special need that may affect their development. Early intervention provides services for children to help lessen the effects of the ASD. Early intervention can be remedial or preventive in nature--remediating existing developmental problems or preventing their occurrence.

Early intervention may focus on the child alone or on the child and the family together. Early intervention programs may be center-based, home-based, or a combination. Services range from identification--that is, hospital or school screening and referral services--to diagnostic and direct intervention programs. Early intervention may begin at any time between birth and school age; however, there are many reasons for it to begin as early as possible.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is based on the principle that influencing a response associated with a particular behaviour may cause that behaviour to be shaped and controlled.
Autistic people with auditory processing disorders can hear, but they have difficulty making sense out of -- or perceiving -- what they hear. There are many techniques and technologies available to help autistic children with auditory processing disorders.
Brain gym is a series of 26 simple, gentle and enjoyable physical movements which enhance learning and performance in all areas. They integrate the mind and body and can bring about dramatic improvements
Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) is the psychotherapeutic use of dance and movement to engage individuals in furthering the cognitive, emotional and physical wellbeing through the integration of neurological and psychological connections with the body.
Occupational Therapy focuses on enabling people to live satisfying and meaningful lives by helping them participate in the occupations they want to do, need to do and are expected to do.
Educates and trains parents to develop the areas of social emotional and communication competence that typical children achieve in their early years: foundations that form the basis for understanding and developing relationships with others.
Speech Therapy can help a child with Autism in many ways. Non-verbal communication, Speech pragmatics, Conversation skills, Concept skills and much more.
Debbie Hopper
Australia’s leading on-line resource to help children concentrate learn and relax. Choose from a selection of carefully picked tried and tested products. Owned by Debbie Hopper a local OT that has used many of the resources in practice. Along with our fantastic products We love sharing knowledge and like to help keep people informed with up to date information on the latest news and research, so keep an eye on our website and Facebook page. Read more..
Online - Australia Wide | Australia
Autism Made Easy Australia
This is an informative site, that provides discussion opportunities as well as learning and other information. Read more..
Queensland |
Spectrum Psychology
Sunshine Coast Psychology Specialist Services for Children, Adolescents, Adults and Families. Read more..
Queensland | Australia
Autism Association of Western Australia
The Association is one of Australia’s largest not-for-profit Autism specific service providers. The Association provides services to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families from early childhood through to adult life. Read more..
Western Australia | Australia
Friends of Autism Charity
Friends of Autism is a charity started by the Mother of 3 autistic children and is a holistic family centred practice offering services in Autism from birth to adulthood including: - early intervention (both pre and post diagnosis) - school aged social groups - school holiday programs - professional counselling, parents, adults and couples - information and toy library - support and information groups and meetings - behavioural management We do not require a formal diagnosis in order to assist families and work towards the goals of each individual family. Read more..
Western Australia | Australia
Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland (ABIQ)
WHAT DOES ABIQ DO? ABIQ is a parent-run support group established to help and empower families: ◦Who have recently been given a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ◦who have a diagnosis of (ASD) and need information on early intervention. ◦With assistance in training and implementation of an Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) program, ◦With ASD resources such as ABA Kits, sensory toys, books and DVDs on all aspects of ASD ◦Library ◦With information and training on the most up to date details and courses to help on the ASD journey ◦Family and social Events for all members of the family ◦Advocacy in school and other environments ◦About ABIQ Autism Behavioural Intervention Queensland (ABIQ) Inc. was formed to support families and assist in the early intervention treatment plan of children with Autism in Queensland, Australia. It strongly supports and promotes the use of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) to achieve this. Read more..
Queensland | Australia
The Little Black Duck
I create customised visual resources for both adults and children with autism and related disorders. Read more..
Victoria | Australia
Compassionate Therapy and Training Centre
HANDLE helps individuals of all ages to help use their brain more efficiently so that work, life and learning can be achieved with ease. HANDLE helps individuals diagnosed with a wide variety of labels and disorders, by understanding that neurodevelopmental irregularities are the root cause of most difficulties. Read more..
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Online - Australia Wide | Asia Pacific Region
Bronwyn Sutton Speech Pathologist
Bronwyn values and respects children with autism and understands that while they may struggle with social communication, they have many strengths which means they are interesting and unique. Bronwyn favours understanding the individual rather than adopting a "one size fits all" approach. She has learned this through experience (working with children with autism for almost 30 years) and research (currently completing a PhD in autism). Bronwyn will visit your home, as this is often the place where children are most comfortable. She also works with teachers and Kindergarten staff to support their understanding of the difference supports each individual requires. Read more..
Queensland | Australia

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