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Elizabeth Ponce Barbpza
While RDI® is the main program I use; I have had significant training in many areas related to ASD: Autism Spectrum Disorder - Strategies for Schools and Classrooms Positive Behaviour Support PECS: Picture Exchange Communication System Social Stories and Scripting Behaviour management AAC ABA Read more..
New South Wales | Australia
Genetics is the branch of biology pertaining to inheritance of characteristics among related organisms (including people). Genes are strips of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which are the basic units of inheritance after conception. Read more..
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Queensland | Australia
Eye CU - Behavioural Optometrist
Behavioural optometrists are those who assess a person’s eyes and visual performance taking into account their entire behaviour. That is, we do not test eyes as such but how a person uses and gains the most advantage from their entire visual system. Read more..
Queensland | Australia

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